One day I decided to reply to one of those e-mail scams everybody gets. It started turning into something quite funny, and since all my Facebook friends were quite enjoying it, too, I figured I’d put everything onto this site to make it easier to read.

All e-mails printed in this blog are 100% real, and copy/pasted from my inbox without any alterations. All photos published were attachments to whichever e-mail they follow.

Got any annoying e-mail scams lying around? Or do you just feel an overwhelming desire to tell Marlene how awesome she is? Send stuff to squirrelnut99@hotmail.com.

PLEASE NOTE: The address and phone number used in these e-mails is that of ASIO, which is the Australian equivalent to the CIA. Please don’t contact them unless you are a scammer yourself, in which case good luck with that!

Marlene Hildebrandt is a 45-year-old self-confessed Internet addict. When not spending time online replying to e-mails she is busy making calendars featuring kittens in hats. She also enjoys watching TV with her husband, Craig, and lists her favourite shows as Dr Phil, Masterchef and Big Brother. For years she has tried to appreciate sport but just doesn’t understand any of it. One day she hopes an e-mail will come along promising her millions of dollars that actually turns out to be true!


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