Victoria Mambebe

(E-mail courtesy of Brian O’Keefe.)

Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 22:12:50 +0100
Subject: I Need urgent reply pls.

Good Afternoon…

My name is Mrs. Victoria Mambebe, and I am a banker. It is true that we have not met each others in person, but I strongly believe that no trust, no friendship in every business. I have a deceased customer’s pending fund, which I am his personal financier adviser before his accidental death, that being the main reason why I alone working in the bank here, know much about the existence of this fund and the secrets surrounding this money. But before I disclose the full details to you, I will like to know your interest and willingness to assist me by reverting back to me with your :

Private Email ID……………


Private Phone no………………. for further confidential details about the said fund.

Thanks and hope to hear from you soon.

Mrs. Victoria Mambebe

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 4:22:22 PM

Hello Victoria,

I write to you email I receive of bank. You tell me about fund with customer death. With business deal I willing to help, but must learn to you that English of me isn’t very good. I hope it understands me. Please tell me when I must do next. My private e-mail is is this one I write to you. My age am 41. At the time I have no telephone and am communicate by carrier pigeon. Please if you are to live somewhere not too far I can send message you from bird.

Soon to talk,

From: Victoria Mambebe (
Sent: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 10:30:40 PM
To: Marlene Hildebrandt

Dear friend,

Thank you very much for your reply. I have to say that I really appreciated your interest and willingness to know more about this transaction in order to help me realize it and as well share from its great benefits. Be you totally assured that you will make a very wise and highly rewarding decision as you accept to assist me carry out this transaction because we have a lot to gain and many more greater deals to handle together immediately we have successfully completed this very one. It is important you know that here in West Africa,as a fast developing Region,many good financial opportunities involving millions and billions of Dollars do exist but our major problem here has been that of finding reliable and trusted foreign partners to collaborate with. If you really prove yourself worthy, you will ever be grateful and happy throughout your life time for knowing me as your business partner.

To be very honest with you, this transaction I have opened-up to you is totally genuine and 100% risk-free. I am absolutely assuring you that no trouble or problem is involved in this transaction either in the short-run or in the long-run because I have been working with this bank for many years, hence I know all its secrets very well and I have carefully mapped-out my perfect strategies to carry out this transaction successfully. Again,you have to understand that the deceased customer of the bank who deposited the money in question was my very close friend and I was his personal financial adviser before his accidental death with his Wife and 3 Kids in that fatal Car accident between Ghana and Burkina border on their way coming from  Ghana on Holiday. That being the main reason why I alone working in the bank here, know much about the existence of this fund and the secrets surrounding this money and its depositor.
Note Well: Please note very well that I am still working with this bank hence I am in good position to give you all the necessary information that will assist you to successfully claim this fund. Also try to understand that over the years, about 99.9% of all international business transactions are based on mutual trust between partners, hence ours should be the same too. This transaction concerns transferring the sum of $8,000,000.00 ( USD $8 Million Dollars ), which was deposited by a customer in the bank here before his accidental death. I want you to apply as the beneficiary of this fund using the information about this fund which I will later give to you so that the fund will be remitted into any bank account of your choice. And once the fund is transferred to the bank account that you will provide to my bank, I will then arrange my traveling documents and visit your country for us to share the fund accordingly.
I can only reach you through email when ever am in the Bank, because our calls might be monitored while in the office. I just have to be sure of whom I am dealing with, as you can see that the amount is a Huge sum of money and we have to build TRUST between each others to achieve our aim. If you are interested, please call me with my Private Mobile numbers below urgently so I can hear your voice. Then also reply back to me through email for further inquiries on how you will apply for the claim. But if you are not interested, do not reply to this mail and please delete this message.  And if no response after 3 days I will then assume you are not interested. I’m doing this on trust, you should understand and you should know that as a banker, I will always play safe in case you are the bad type, but I pray you are not. USD $8 Million Dollars ) is a lot of money which is the dream of anyone.
I wait to hear from you over the phone as soon as possible, so I can give to you the Application form pattern on how to apply to the bank, and in less than 7 days the money should have been noted on your account and I will come over for my share of the fund. I will offer to you 35% of the total sum, 5% to the less privilege & charity organizations, while 10% will be invested on a lucrative joint business between you and me, which will be introduced by you since you know best the kind of business that moves in your Country. Then 50% is for my dream, and I hope I’m been fair on this deal?.
Below are some information about me and please send me your full data through email, and call me urgently on phone as well, because I have some important thing to tell you over the phone for confidential reasons:

MY AGE:  28                                            YOURS:…………….
MARITAL STATUS: Widow, with 1 Kid.     YOURS:……………..
MY COUNTRY:  Burkina.                          YOURS:…………………
OCCUPATION:  Banker.                           YOURS:…………………..
SEX: Female.                                          YOURS:………………………
MOBILE: +226 76 35 51 77                       YOURS:…………………………..

You are free to call me after replying this mail, for further clarification as soon as possible.

Thanks and best regards,

Mrs Victoria MAMBEBE.

Junior Staff,
Account/Telex Unit.

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Wednesday, 24 October 2012 5:02:53 PM

Victoria dear,

Thank you to write e-mail for me. I not quite understand complete what you talk, but think you want for me have 8 million dollars to my bank account. Is truth? Am happy with you. Is so sorry to read about friend is dead with car! At least wife and 3 kids am never to be sad about not father being around. They also dead. I am thinking it wasn’t a good holiday for them. Writing to us in e-mails is good, as I am thinking my carrier pigeon could never make it far to Africa. Stupid bastard is little lazy and sometimes won’t even wish for to fly to my friend Nancy’s house is only in next suburb! I think Africa is too far. I have Hotmail account which you can write to is this one you write to, okay?

MY AGE:  41.
MY COUNTRY:  This one.
OCCUPATION:  I am to make the calendar on it has pictures of hats on kittens.
SEX: Not since 2007.
MOBILE:  Not have phone. We talk about this already.

Please letting me know which to do next. Would love to have money very much. Maybe to buy new carrier pigeon? Am very trusting you and you are trusting me in this matter. Is important with so many moneys. You please send me photo of you and I know who you look like.

Wishes are best,


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