Mrs Emma Aiono

Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 07:31:17 +0000

Good Day Friend,

My name is I Mrs Emma Aiono have been suffering from Brest cancer disease and the doctor says that i have just few days to leave. I am from Laos, but based in Burkina Faso, Africa since 7 years ago asa business woman dealing with cotton exportation, now that i am about to end the race like this, without any family members and no child.

I have ($9.8 Million US DOLLARS) in Bank of Africa (B.O.A) which i instructed the bank to give African union leaders to help sick people around Africa . But my mind is not at rest because i am writing this letter now through the help of my nurse beside me here in my hospital room.

I also have ($4.8 Million US Dollars) in another bank in Burkina Faso which i want you to claim from the bank and use help less privilege people in your country, but you must assure me that you will take only 65% of the total money and give the rest 35% to the Charity organization and orphanage home in your country for my heart to rest.

Upon the receipt of your email that you are willing and capable to execute my plan, i will instruct the bank management to make the immediate transfer into your account.

Thanks and best regard

Yours Faithfully,

Mrs Emma Aiono

Reply to this e-mail( mrsemmaaiono01@gmailcom).

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Friday, 19 October 2012 8:25:09 PM

Hi Emma,

Thank goodness, for a moment there I misread what you said and thought you said you had breast cancer disease. After I re-read it I realized that you said Brest. My husband and I took a holiday to France once and stayed a couple of nights in Brest. Despite the lovely scenery my husband fell ill with food poisoning and spent most of the holiday pooping lava, so it wasn’t such a great time for us. That’s interesting that your doctor has only given you a few days to leave – why is he kicking you out? Do you two live together?

Rest assured that your millions will be in good hands. Recently I have accumulated roughly 137 million USD from various people who have died in plane crashes, from cancer disease, and other forms of ill fortune. I will happily add your money to my ever growing wealth. If you’d like me to help the less privileged I will be happy to stand outside of my local Centerlink office and give handouts to the people in the queue.

Please let me know how we can proceed with this.

Kind regards,


Date: Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:41:42 +0100
Subject: Forward this Deposit Certificate with your information to the Bank.
To: Marlene Hildebrandt

My Dear Friend,

I am glad that you are willing to execute my desired plan and i want
to remind you that the very reason i contacted you should be honored
and that is what really matters to me at this point in time, I want you to reassure me that you will only take%60 and give the rest %40 to a good orphanage around your province. How could you compare my life stories with scams gangs by having doubting me? I have been bless and I wouldn’t want the bank manager to eat my fund and that is why I willing to help the mother babies and helpless people because i can die at any time according to the Doctor.

All you need do now is to contact my bank through this email address ( and download attachment of my picture also forward the deposited certificate to the including your information and instruction on how you want the fund to be transfer to you.

Tell them to release my balance fund to you and also let them know
that you are my business partner. Please do not make any promise you
can not keep because even when i am gone, this is what will make me
happy wherever i am. Remember the bank email address is

Lastly, I will be very glad and fulfilled to see you accomplish my wish and i want you to try and see me in my hospital if i am still alive to meet me after you succeed in getting this task done.

Mrs Emma Aiono.

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Saturday, 20 October 2012 1:09:21 PM

Hello Emma,
Thank you for your prompt reply. And thank you for your photo. You really do look like you’re almost dead, which is why we must finish this transaction swiftly, especially if your bank manager is about to eat your fund. I find that incredibly strange, although my husband commented that he must have a very rich diet.
I’m not sure why you thought I was doubting you. As I said, I have thus far accrued over $137 million from people e-mailing me, and I will attach a screenshot of my current bank balance to prove this to you. I have total faith in you, Emma, and have no idea what these “scams gangs” are that you mentioned. I will gladly keep 60%, and will put the rest towards our local orphanage, the Mummy & Daddy R’ In Heaven foundation.
Since you attached that random photo of doctors at work, I thought I’d return the favour by attaching a picture of people who work at my local bakery. It seems we share a fondness of photos of people working hard at their chosen professions. I was thinking of publishing a coffee table book featuring this kind of stuff. I find it all highly inspirational. Do you think it would be a best seller?
Before I contact your bank, it seems as though the e-mail address you provided is 2 different ones separated by a hyphen. Can you clarify that for me? Once I get the correct details I’ll contact them immediately.
Best wishes,



One thought on “Mrs Emma Aiono

  1. So how is this a scam??? You can’t really turn in that certificate and get anything and they are not asking for any of your info.

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