Mustafa Ali

Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2012 23:28:18 +0100
Subject: Assalam-o-Aleikum


May the Almighty Allah be with you as you are reading this message. I know   you might be surprised to receive this message being that we have not seen   each other face to face. Please accept my apology if you find this mail   offensive. I am (Mustafa Ali) the only son of (Mr Ahmed Ali) from Cote   d’Ivoire also called Ivory Coast .

My late father was born and brought up in a Christian family, but he turned   to Muslim after he discovered the truth in Islamic religion. He married my   mother because my mother came from a good Muslim family. Ever since my father   turned to Muslim his family disowned him because he turned to Muslim.

Because of this religious problem between my father and his family members my   father was poisoned to death by his brother because of land problem in the   year 2008.

After the death of my father the family chased me and my mother away because   we are Muslims. They said that they can not live together with Muslims unless   we change to Christian but me and my mother refused to change to Christian because   we love Islam. Because me and my mother refused to turn to Christian the   family seized all my father’s properties and leave nothing for me and my   mother. Me and my mother started living in hardship because no body to help   us and we can not change our religion.

In the year 2010 war started in our country after election. The formal   president Mr Gbagbo is a Christian and Allassan is a Muslim man so when   Gbagbo lost election he refused to go instead he started killing Muslims   secretly until the problem burst into war.

On the 10th of February 2011 I could not believe what I saw with my eyes when   rocket hit Mosque and killed so many people including my mother. My mother   sustained a very big injury but there was no hospital to treat her because   all the hospitals were closed during the war. That was how my mother died in   pain because no help.

I am in the street because the war is over and I don’t have a place to go   because my father and my mother are now dead. I tried to beg my uncle to   accept me in the family and he said unless I changed to Christian but I still   refused instead I choose to die as a Muslim. Before my mother died she gave   me one document where my father deposited some money for investment. I ask   them to release the money for me but they said no unless I present a foreign   representative because the money was deposited for foreign investment so that   is the reason i conacted you can represent me.

The total money in the document is about ($10,500.000.00 US) so this is the   reason I am contacting you as my fellow Muslim so that the money will be   transfered with your name.

I will join you in your country as soon as you receive the money because my   life is in danger my wicked uncle is after my life because of this money. I   am willing to give you 15% of the money after successful transfer or you can   suggest any percentage you will take for you to help me. I don’t have any   body to help me because I am an orphan. May the Almighty Allah bless you as   you are willing to help your fellow Muslim brother in sorrow.

My greatest worry now is how to move out of this country because my uncle is   threatening to kill me as he killed my father since I refused to change to   Christian. Please do something very fast to save my life.

I am waiting to hear from you.

Your brother in Islam,
Mustafa Ali.

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Thursday, 18 October 2012 9:48:31 AM

Hello Mustafa,

I admit, your letter did come as quite a surprise! No, we’ve never met, but I almost feel as though we have. That was quite a story of your life! It almost reminded me of that movie – I forget the name of it but I think it had Denzel Washington in it. Or Adam Sandler. I can’t quite remember. Do you like Adam Sandler movies, Mustafa?

You and I seem to have a lot in common. Not so much the dead family part, but my father was always late and he also married my mother, just like yours did. I’m guessing that since you’re living on the streets that you’re single, Mustafa? That’s a shame, you seem like such a nice, polite young gentleman. I am currently single, too. My last boyfriend left me recently because I didn’t go along with his idea of opening a bikini carwash. He wouldn’t let me help him interview potential employees which I didn’t think was right. Do you think that’s right, Mustafa?

I understand how difficult it must be to be one of them Muslims. You guys have such a bad reputation, what with all the bombs and killing and such. I once had this idea to start my own brand of muesli bars that helped you lose weight, and wanted to call them Mueslim. But ever since that 9/11 happened people tell me that the name is politically incorrect. What do they know? Do you think it’s politically incorrect, Mustafa?

I’m not sure where the Ivory Coast is, but from what you’ve written it sounds like it’s either in New Zealand or Japan. I live in Australia, which is fairly close to you. I was wondering, Mustafa, if you’d ever be interested in coming to our country? If I could help you with the $10,500 (not sure why you put so many zeroes after the decimal place, maybe a typo?) then you could come over here and we could meet each other. I have a profile on a number of dating sites and could send you links if you’d like. I’ve had 16 boyfriends in the past 2 years, so obviously I’m a great person to date. I also have a spare room in my apartment that I keep made up in case I have anyone stay over, and if you wanted to you could stay at my place. I’m a great cook. I have all of Jamie Oliver’s books and sometimes watch his TV show. Do you like food, Mustafa?

I will attach a recent photo of myself, and if you like what you see then definitely write back and we’ll see where this goes. I’m happy if you’d like to just be friends first and see how we are together, and I believe the best way to get to know a new friend is to spend as much time as possible with them. Do you like me, Mustafa?



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