Sani Mustapha

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 02:26:15 -0700
Subject: Assalamalikum

Hello friend,

I am indeed glad to  be in contact with you even though this medium of communication (internet) has  been grossly abused by some people making it difficult for other once with  genuine struggle to correspond and exchange views without skepticism.

my aim of  contacting you is to collaborate with me to transfer the sum of ($18.5 Million  Dollars) into your personal or Company bank account in your country of origin  for investment purpose.

Please if you are interested and ready to  receive the money into your bank account i will send you the details of the fund.

Please endeavor to include your full information for easy communication, Finally keep our  dealings very private and confidential as i wait your urgent response.


Yours sincerely

Mr. Sani Mustapha

From: Marlene Hildebrandt 
Sent: Tuesday, 16 October 2012 8:06:19 PM

Hello Sani,

WOW! Is this real? $18.5 million dollars would be a dream come true!!!

I have no idea how you found my e-mail address but I would definitely be interested in your offer. I recently fell victim to an e-mail scam where someone robbed me of hundreds of thousands of dollars that I shall never see again. You wouldn’t believe it, but someone actually had the nerve to pretend they were a dying Arabic woman and was going to pass on 7 million dollars to me. I fell hook, line and sinker for it, and vowed I would never be that gullible again. But anyone who begins an e-mail with “Hello friend” can only have good intentions. You’re a beautiful man, Sani.

Please let me know what sort of information you require and I’ll reply immediately. Of course I will keep this deal private. I would hate to think that someone else out there might be interested in scamming me!

Talk soon,

Date: Tue, 16 Oct 2012 14:12:45 -0700
Subject: RE: Assalamalikum
To: Marlene Hildebrandt

Dear Marlene,

Thank you for your email in response to my proposal to you. I quite understand and appreciate the content of your email. But I want you to understand that I have made an honest proposal to you. Before we proceed I would like to make my position Known to you in regards to the legitimacy of this Transaction.

You have my personal guarantee and Assurance that this transaction is 100% legitimate and Risk free and it would be handled under the confines of the law. I shall also require your personal Guarantee that you are someone that I can trust and confide in because I will reciprocate same to you.  I am a man of 42 year old, married to one wife and three children.

Meanwhile, I would want to detail you on the fund discovery. This is not stolen money rather, an abandoned money that was discovered on our last annual audit, It belongs to one of our late customers by name MR. ALAN WILLIAMS, from ENGLAND, who died years ago in a plane crash together with his family, living behind his contract sum unclaimed in our Banking Custody.

I would like us to establish a high degree of respect, Trust and confidence in ourselves because it is the Hallmark of any successful transaction. This transaction is of human and financial efforts that are required to achieve its success. You should also know that a transaction of this nature and magnitude requires a high degree of confidentiality. Have it in mind that you and me will share and bear all the expenses to be incurred in this transaction and you will be rewarded with 45% of the total sum for your partnership, 55% is for me and we both will pay for the expenses to be incurred in this transaction.

I am also here to back you up and to make sure that everything is ok. I want you to follow the advice and instructions which I will give you, for us to make progress and succeed as plan.

Do not entertain any kind of fear as I will be here to give you all information which the bank will require from you. I also have a link with the Executive Governor of the Bank of Africa here but the Executive Governor of the Bank of Africa does not know of my involvement in this deal. So, follow up my instruction in order for us to make success in this transaction.

You can reach me on my mobile number at (+226 65 06 07 00). for further details.  Hope you understand and agree to my conditions?

Find below my personal details:

Real Name: ****** Sani Mustapha.

Fax Number: *******None

Phone Number: *******(+226 65 06 07 00).

Present Location:   ouaga 2000, Ouagadougou Burkina Faso.

Age*** 42 years old

Work: *****Banking and Finance.

Nationality: ********Burkinabe.

Profession: ******Account/audit Manager.

Sex: ******Male

Marital status: ********Married with three children.

Religion: Catholic.

I await your urgent reply to enable me detail you further on how to proceed. Let me hear from you soon.

Best Regards,

Mr.Sani Mustapha.


YOUR NAME: *********************
HOME ADDRESS: *****************
TELEPHONE AND FAX: ************
YOUR AGE: *******************
YOUR COUNTRY*****************
OFFICE ADDRESS ****************

From: Marlene Hildebrandt 
Sent: Wednesday, 17 October 2012 10:37:02 AM

Hello Sani,

Before we proceed with this deal I just want to know something. Is it really worth the risk of becoming a millionaire? I ask this because I seem to get a lot of e-mails from people telling me that someone died in a plane crash and left behind millions of dollars that I could benefit from (yet none of them began with “Hello friend” which is why I know yours is legitimate) but I quite enjoy travelling by plane. I am concerned that if I have this money I’ll be at greater risk of becoming victim to a plane crash. Does the risk of being in a plane crash increase exponentially with the amount in one’s bank account or am I just being irrational?

Another thing that concerns me is that you’re married to one wife and three children. While I dare not question the traditions of foreign cultures, I find it questionable that anyone would marry a child, let alone three! How’s that working out for you?

If you could kindly answer my questions then I will gladly send you my details.


Date: Sat, 20 Oct 2012 03:19:54 -0700
Subject: Get in touched with my secretary
To: Marlene Hildebrandt

Hello Marlene, (side note: the name Marlene was written in a different font than the rest of the e-mail. Cut n’ paste much?)

How are you with your family? I hope you are all fine. this is about the transaction business , i can not eat alone , Allah have help me work everything fast, I’m happy to inform you about my success in getting those funds transferred under the cooperation of a new partner from Paraguay, Presently i’m in Paraguay,

meanwhile I didn’t forget your past efforts to assist me in transferring those funds despite that it failed us some how. Now contact my secretary in Burkina-Faso West Africa, Ms Rose Toure through her e-mail id (

ask her to send you the total sum of ($750.000.00 USD ) which I kept for your compensation for all the past efforts and attempts to assist me in this transaction. so feel free and get in touched with my secretary Ms.Rose Toure she will send the money to you. please give some money to the motherless baby in your country GOD will bless you.


Mr Sani Mustapha.

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Sunday, 21 October 2012 9:26:33 AM

Hello Sani,

I was hoping I’d hear from you soon as I could really use the money you’re offering me. I don’t want to sound greedy, but there’s a lovely 4-storey mansion I have my eye on at the moment that has its own elevator, and I love the idea of having one in my own home. I may become obese from the lack of exercise but I’d be rich enough not to care. If anyone criticized me for being overweight I could have them killed. Simple.

LOL, I imagine it would be difficult for you to eat alone, what with having 4 wives! How old are the three child wives? I can just imagine you all sitting at the dinner table, and you and your adult wife engaging in conversation about political topics and shoes and things, while your child wives are busy texting and listening to their iPhones. How can you stand it? What do your child wives do for a living, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m just interested in learning about other cultures, and find your marital situation quite fascinating.

Sani, I would be happy to give some of this money to our country’s motherless baby, but I have done extensive research and cannot find any information about one. Are you speaking in riddles? How can a baby be born without a mother? I recall in Macbeth that Macduff was able to kill Macbeth as he was not of woman born, but that just meant his mother had had a Caesarian. There are probably lots of babies born like that, so if you wanted me to donate to one in particular you’ll have to be more specific. Please clarify as I’m terribly confused right now.

I hope you’re having a great time in Paraguay. I shall e-mail your secretary straight away.


From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Sunday, 21 October 2012 9:39:41 AM

Hello Rose,

Sani Mustapha told me to write to you and ask you to send me $750,000. I trust he’s already been in touch with you regarding the matter and I don’t have to explain who I am. I was just wondering if you’d need my bank details for an electronic transaction, or if you’re going to be sending it to me in cash. I’d prefer cash, to be honest, as I’d like to roll around in it and throw it in the air like they do in movies. Plus my EFTPOS card’s magnetic strip doesn’t work too well anymore and anytime I use it the person at the counter glares at me like I’m wasting their time. It somewhat takes the joy out of shopping.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


ps. Rose is such a lovely name. I knew a girl called Rose once, but to be honest everyone hated her.

From: Rose Toure (
Sent: Monday, 22 October 2012 8:25:26 PM
To: Marlene Hildebrandt

ATTN ;Marlene,
                                                TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN
I Have Received Your Email And I Need To Receive Your Identification card or passport Which I Think Is Necessary For Me So That I Will know that you are the right person to send the money to, Before Anything You Should Scan Your Identification And Send It To Me Via Email.
Therefore, You will send me Your postal Address And Insured Courrier Postal Service you prefer.

Please Sir, send me what I requested for, for you to receive the money as instructed by Mr Sani Mustapha.

Thank You; 

Miss Rose Toure( secretary, Bank Of Africa ).

From: Marlene Hildebrandt
Sent: Monday, 22 October 2012 8:45:39 PM

Hello Rose,
So good to hear back from you, and thank you for the photo. It’s nice to see who I’m writing to. Your hair looks lovely! Where do you get it done? I once tried to make my hair curly but that experiment ended horribly and I had to have all my hair cut off. I had so many people asking me if I had undergone chemotherapy which became annoying, so I’d just tell them that I was a militant lesbian as they would quickly stop talking about my hair after that. I noticed in your e-mail that you called me “sir” but I can assure you that my hair has since grown back to its original length.
Please find attached a photocopy of my passport. My postal address is GPO box 2176, Canberra, ACT 2601. So, is that all I need to do for now? Do I just sit back and wait for the money to arrive? It’s going to be so good to replace the money I once lost from being caught by a scammer!
Kind regards,
ps. Did you know that Sani is married to 3 children? What do you think about that?


2 thoughts on “Sani Mustapha

  1. He had ripped my friend off early last year – so I found your site way after this happened, but I am just so glad you have this posted online so everyone can see who he really is!

  2. I just read this and was laughing hysterically!!! Great job!! I actually Googled this mans name when I saw a friend of mine was corresponding with him. I felt the need to find some proof for her that he is indeed a scammer and not the true love of her life that she thinks he is (that is constantly in need of of her money of course!!).

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